Whatever the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve. - Napoleon Hill


Very true. It's also true that excellent coaching and support can get you there faster. 


Work with a certified professional coach

You want to maximize your performance and have an even bigger impact in the world. You want an expert guide and accountability partner. You want someone to walk alongside you to challenge you, stretch you, and support you to reach you and your teams goals. Select from the services below.

"Working with Jen has given me the tools to communicate and contribute with my teams and colleagues in a more aware and active way, creating constructive outcomes and better relationships at every step."

Michael Belgue
Creative Director - Native Shoes

"It is no coincidence that the past few years of working with Jennifer have been my favourite years yet. Never have I been more in control, efficient, and proactive with my career and life."

Tyler Quarles
Founder - Baro Drywear

"The impact Jennifer had on my growth was monumental. Jennifer is incredibly present during coaching. She listens between the lines and discerns where to focus on. She's positive, inspiring, and a true leader and coach. "

Paulina Cameron
Regional Director Futurpreneur Canada; founder + bestselling author; Board Director; keynote speaker


90 minutes together. Gain clarity on your goals. Identify your values & mission. Plan your path.


6 month intensive. Clearly define your vision. Advance your capabilities. Act with intention.


Contact me with an outline of what you are looking for to help you reach your goals. 

The flow of our coaching will be:

  1. Background & agreement & expectations
  2. Craft your vision
  3. Develop a strategy on both what you do and 'how you be'
  4. Address your mindset to set new empowering beliefs
  5. Identify skills you need to build and work on them regularly
  6. Become clear on what drains and gives you energy and then upgrade your environment 
  7. Ongoing coaching until goals are reached
  8. Revisit/revise goals and either conclude or continue with coaching

How we work together:

  • I coach for value, not time
  • Working with me will be a combination of in person and phone/video calls, the frequency and length is something we determine together based on what will best serve you
  • We make use assessments such as Strengths Finder, The Enneagram, Emotional Intelligence, Physical Wellness
  • We build a Success Map of your personal vision
  • We use the environment to stretch you and incorporate experiential education

"Jen has helped me in learning that taking chances and opening myself up only leads to new opportunities. I would not be where I am without the coaching tools that Jen has given me."

C. Horton
Team Lead - Signify

"Jen has such a good ear. She is able to translate my own thoughts and feed them back to me in a comprehensive and thoughtful way. It really helped direct me where I needed to go."

L. Francis

"Working with Jen has greatly improved my toolkit. If you want to grow within your career or are looking for that promotion, get some career coaching with Jen. Her methods really do work wonders."

Adam Everitt
Workstream Lead at Philips Lighting

"Jen brought new insight into how I should approach business problems, taught me how to focus my thinking and provided a fresh, creative perspective on how to improve my strategic thinking."

A. Armitage
Founder - RocketPure

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