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For Individuals (two options)


Gain clarity on your goals. Identify your values and mission. Plan your path.
  • 90 minutes
  • Pre-assessment questionnaire
  • Post-session Success Map



Define your vision clearly. Advance your capabilities. Plan and act with intention.

  • 6 month coaching relationship with an option to extend
  • Ongoing accountability and reflection
  • Gain deep self-awareness
  • Complete with tools to support you



For Teams in Companies

This is a bundle service that includes group and individual coaching.


I work with your Leadership Team. Together we focus on individual and team goals, communication and personal responsibility. This will strengthen your team. It will help everyone understand what drives success.

  • Define your unique culture and integrate 
  • Clearly communicate the vision of the company
  • Define individual career and personal goals
  • Gain team alignment
  • Personality profiling to understand interactions and develop leaders


For individuals in a group setting


A community of learners. Daily check-ins and group calls  accelerate growth and success. If you already have a clear goal and direction and you are looking for some serious accountability, energy, momentum and action, then this is the place for you. 

Acceptance into this high caliber group is based on fit and commitment level. 

Application Form or Contact for more information

"There is nothing that can replace the type of accountability that comes from being part of a team, and a team is exactly what Jen created for us....what's been especially rewarding has been going through this personal development with others who now feel like teammates."

- Mastery group member testimonial





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